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About Us

Thank you for taking the time to view our website on Ear Piercing, Nose Piercing, Belly Piercing, our fashion jewellery ranges plus our attractive and unique in store displays. 

At Australian Piercing System (APS aka OzPiercing) we believe that our exceptional product range, packaging and display presentation will look good in your store and will create a wide appeal to your customers. We have the backing of the world renowned Studex brand of ear piercing jewellery and equipment and the Medisept brand of nose and belly piercing systems.

As market leaders we understand the need for professionalism within the industry and we offer FREE in store training where available to all your staff and managers at your convenience.

For over thirty years the Studex name has signified excellence in ear piercing systems. Marketed worldwide, Studex and Medisept products are recognised on five continents as the finest ear piercing systems and jewellery available.

Studex is the world’s largest manufacturer of ear piercing systems and jewellery and is located in Los Angeles, California, USA. With a production capacity in excess of 300 million studs per annum, Studex supplies approximately 65% of the worldwide ear piercing market.

Each stud is manufactured from the finest medical grade stainless steel. Studex realises the critical need for the safety of the piercer and the consumer. All piercing studs are packaged and sterilised using their validated sterilisation management program that meets Australian and worldwide standards.

We would like the opportunity to discuss a mutual business relationship at your convenience.

Please contact us on 02 9807 5599 or at

Kind Regards,
Australian Piercing Systems Team.