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Studex use only the finest high grade stainless steel available. Categorised as surgical grade stainless steel, this is the material of choice for the manufacture of high quality ear piercing studs where long term contact with the skin is required. 

The Studex ear piercing studs are manufactured using this stainless steel in order to afford the consumer the greatest protection possible against common hazards such as allergies and reactions with the skin.

Studex surgical stainless steel studs combine the look with durability and due to the strong bonding action found in the metallurgic properties of this material, it prevents any sensitising through elements such as nickel leaching into the skin. Because of these properties, surgical grade stainless steel is regarded as one of the best materials to use in the manufacture of ear piercings and earrings. 

The Studex System 75 range of ear piercing earrings are made from implantation grade 316L surgical stainless steel. This grade of surgical steel is usually only found in body piercing jewellery. The Studex System 75 range of ear piercing earrings are the only earrings in the world that are manufactured from 316L surgical stainless steel. Studex ear piercing studs are also available in titanium and 14K solid gold in selected styles only. 



Medisept uses only the finest implant grade of 316L surgical stainless steel for their navel piercing jewellery. 

The Medisept nose piercing jewellery range uses only implant grade titanium as it is extremely strong and inert to the human body. If a nickel allergy exists, then titanium is by far the best piercing option. 


All piercing ranges are sterilised for your safety.